It’s a pretty great life, you know?

College is hands down the best time of your life, I’m sure of it. Yeah, it’s a lot of work, but it’s fun. And not just for the typical college reasons. Yeah, partying is fun. But…it’s all about the people you meet. And they’re some pretty great people.

I used to be the most paranoid person when it came to friends. That I was actually that one that everyone secretly hated. Probably cause my high school friends were, for the most part, complete shit.

But the people here? Pure gold. I can’t even believe I was so lucky to find such great people here at UD. Maybe I sound cheesy as hell. But they’re quality individuals, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

And I wouldn’t trade the last couple years for anything either.

I’m doing an interesting thing right now.

And that would be to be blogging on Garrett’s computer.

Yeah, so, I know he can go into his history and find my TUmblr and bam, there are all my inner thoughts and secrets. All the ones I’ve been hiding here on Tumblr. But you know what? Garrett, if you’re reading this, this is me telling you that I’m perfectly okay with that. In fact…I think I’m happy about it.

Because here’s the thing.

What is it, August? Almost the end? That means two things. One, we’ve been dating for a good eight and a half months. And you know? I’m proud of that. Because I’ve never had a relationship before, but this is how I always wanted it to go. Meet an amazing guy, and then have everything work out. And guess what? Wish. Granted. But at the same time? It’s so much better and so much more real than I could have imagined. And for that, I’m incredibly grateful. And the second thing? We’re coming up on knowing each other for almost a full year. But shit, I feel like I’ve known him for way longer. Because I know him so well. And that’s an incredible feeling that I can’t quite put into words.

But here’s the best part. You know how they say that there’s two stages to a relationship - the first part, and then the part where you get super comfortable? And then sometimes things get too boring or just annoying because you’re so comfortable around each other? Well, honestly, I think we’ve hit the comfortable stage.

And I’ll admit that I was scared of that for a while. What would happen if things just…died. What if it just got old? Boring? What if I didn’t get those same butterflies every single time he kissed me?

You know what? I’ll never have to worry about it. Because even as I get more comfortable around him, those butterflies don’t go away. I still can’t help but smile every time I look at him.

Plus, the cool thing about the comfortableness? Remember that post I had at the end of the year when I was being clingy? I spent all summer thinking about that, and thinking about what I had to do when I got back here to school. And I know it’s only been a week, but I honestly feel so much more independent. But…not in a bad way. Not in a way that I want to be like…ugh go away, I need alone time. But in the way that I’ve been reconnecting with friends, getting even more involved, planning roomie events, and just…living my life. Not having to see him every day, and being absolutely okay with that. Because that makes the times I do see him even better. We decided to spend Friday afternoons together, and I think that’s the best decision we’ve ever come to. Because 1) it gives me something to look forward to, 2) I know when I’ll be seeing him and I like knowing that and not just leaving it up to spontaneity, and 3) just the fact that we’re putting away time for each other makes me remember how happy I am and how great he is.

I’m enjoying this right now. My life is pretty fantastic, to tell you the truth. I would have never imagined being so content, but I am.

I think I’m just excited for the future. Because I can’t wait for what it holds. Junior year, senior year, and whatever happens after that.

And I’m not kidding when I say I can’t wait for all of it with him by my side. Sometimes I think I’m getting ahead of myself when I say things like that. Like, cmon Kristen, you’ve not even been dating for a full year yet. And sometimes I wonder if I should tell myself to snap out of it.

But then he goes and does things like toast to another year of us together. And it’s at times like those when I realize that he’s just as much into this as I am, and nothing feels better than knowing your feelings are echoed.

As I said…I never could have planned on this. How great my life is. How fantastic my friends are. How much I love my school. How happy I am.

And especially not how much I love you.

So this is my toast to us, and to this year, and to everything I love, and to how happy I am, and how happy we are.

I promise I’ll never forget that.